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The place to be to get your daily South Park fix!

Southparkateers - A Daily South Park Cap Community
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Daily screencaps from the Comedy Central cartoon "South Park"
Welcome to SOUTHPARKATEERS, Southparkateers!


1) What is this?
This is a community solely of screencaptures from South Park episodes.

2) Why?
A lot of people need a daily dose of South Park in their lives. Some use the caps for their icons or graphic designs, others just like to see a picture of Kenny dying on their friends page. It's mostly just for fun, and is inspired by other cap communities (but mostly from simpsons_fix: inspiration credit where credit is due!) SIMPSONS DID IT OMFG

3) Can I submit my own screen caps?
Yeah, just make sure they're not larger than 640x480 (and if they are, put it under an lj-cut). Posts are moderated for now to keep retards from posting spam.

4) Can I comment on a post?
Sure! Comments about episodes or quotes from the pictures are encouraged.

5) These pictures are offensive! I want pictures of everyone kissing and chasing puppies and holding hands and sliding down rainbows!
South Park is an offensive show. Deal with it.

6) You didn't answer my question!
Send a PM to maz_z if you've got a question that hasn't been answered here.