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Nov. 12th, 2010 | 08:03 pm
posted by: maz_z in southparkateers

Howdy! Trey and Matt would like to welcome you to an experiment here at Southparkateer HQ that we've decided to call


Since the powers that be (Satan and friends) are allegedly pissed off at the way that I have been running this community, they've requested that I hand over the duties of the blog this week to you guys. If you guys do a good job then Trey and Matt will make out with each other and let us all roast marshmallows (and I might keep it up for another extra week, too).

As of tonight, I am turning on the option for all members to post, so if you have screencaps, you can now post them to the community! A few rules, though, kids:

1) The caps must come from South Park episodes or the movie or other content related to the show (this includes interviews with Matt and Trey or any other content you wish to post that is interesting).
2) If what you want to post is offensive, please post it! The more offensive, the better. Lame, vanilla caps are obviously allowed, too, but will probably be made fun of by me and perhaps others.
3) Please keep the caps that you post at a reasonable size. If they're over 600 or so pixels in width or if you have more than two pictures, put that shit under a cut.
4) If you can, tag your entries based on the episode name and characters in the scene. If you can't tag it, just let me know why and we'll check it out together, because organizing caps is sexy.

Posts are gonna be moderated, so if you don't follow these rules, I have to right to kick your post/ass out of the community. Don't abuse this opportunity! I'm sure none of you will, though. So that's that. Start posting, you artards!

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